Jayden’s Bio


CFor Jayden, his Texas roots run deep. He is a fourth generation Carnes to be brought up on the family property in Brown County. Jayden gained a deep respect for the land; working various animals with his Pa. Growing up with parents that encouraged him to try new things and to never give up, helped Jayden gain a deeper understanding of life.
Jayden was still searching for his passion. With his parents blessing, he enlisted in the U. S. Army. The Army life leads one down may different paths, often in a short time frame. Jayden gained valuable insight into different cultures working with local Afghans and Jordanians during enlistment. After four years of serving his country, Jayden returned to Texas to fulfill his goals at Texas Tech. Following his love for fitness and exercise.
Jayden has a hearty sense of adventure and an appetite for cultural experiences; in which to enhance life’s journey.

Jayden Carnes | 325-203-6688 | Photography in Lubbock, TX.